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Grant Vincent Studio is a home for the creative pursuits of Western Australian designer, Grant Vincent Capriotti.

With a focus on furniture, lighting, objects and architectural products, this new industrial design studio embodies an approachable, high-end contemporary aesthetic, characterised by distinctly Australian qualities. The design process is driven by materials with an emphasis on simplicity and quality craftsmanship.


Inspired by nature, personal experience and the Australian lifestyle, GVS has an inherent desire to create products that connect with individuals, with the intent to strike a harmonious balance between art and functionality.

Vincent is also the name of Grant's late father. The studio is a shout out to Vinnie, who always indulged Grant's crazy ideas.



FINALIST | Australia's Next Top Designer | Design Show Australia + Workshopped (Sydney, NSW)


WINNER | Thornton Hick Design Award | ATH Creative Agency

WINNER | Award for Excellence in Design Projects and Approach to Design Practice | North Metro TAFE



SHINE - Gallery Central | Perth Design Week



LUMINOUS - North Metro TAFE Industrial Design Graduate Show


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