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Grant Capriotti

The Eclipse Chair is a response to a design brief based on the words ‘rest’ and ‘contemplate’. The brief also specified a contemporary design aesthetic with technology integrated into the final prototype.


The intent was to create a functional, unique and comfortable furniture product that sparks conversation and engages the senses.


The concentric discs were inspired by Netherlands public art installation ‘Disc in a Mound of Rubble’ by Dutch sculptor, Frans de Wit.


Leaning into the themes of the universe and nature, the floating discs with the LED halo emulate an eclipse. Similarly, the user is eclipsed by the disc on certain angles when sitting in the chair.


The 360 degree light source also create a vertical halo effect around the environment of the chair, reflecting on the floor and nearby walls.


In stark contrast to the discs, the chair is comprised of a series of boxes, which house the timber and steel supports that enable the disc to ‘float’ while ensuring structural soundness. The discs ‘slice’ through the boxes on an angle, creating a built-in leaning surface.


The Tasmanian Blackwood veneer makes the chair warm and inviting. Commercial grade boucle upholstery in neutral tones is intended as a stylised representation of the moon’s surface, while inviting a luxurious textural experience plus the durability required in household furniture.


The chair features Bluetooth speaker integration, positioned just above head height, allowing sound to drift over the user. Nestled into the chair, feet up on the cushion, the chair is designed for reading, mediation or listening to podcasts, audio books or your favourite tunes.

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