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Grant Capriotti

This lamp is inspired by the seasonal motion of plant parts in response to the direction of the sun, scientifically known as heliotropism. The brief required the item to be suitable for the luxury market, include a 3D printed element, while being fully portable and rechargeable.


Using organic lines, the design is intended to create a calming effect for the user while maintaining a contemporary luxury aesthetic. The asymmetric cantilevered top produces a sense of air and space, creating a floating visual effect.


The curved ‘leaf’ shaped top and conical base are constructed from spun aluminium, finished in ultra-matte acrylic, giving an almost porcelain effect.

The conical base houses a rechargeable light source, which is cased in a 3D printed internal support structure.

To mimic the heliotropic effect, a magnetic ball bearing mechanic on a brass riser allows full rotation of the top part on a single axis, allowing the user to reflect light in any direction.

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