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Grant Capriotti

Olympus explores the slip casting process and glazing techniques to create an earthy, luxurious homeware.


Inspired by early flashlights, the way the item can be grasped is reminiscent of the way an Olympic torch bearer might wield a flame above their head, proud and victorious.


Celebrating the organic properties of the materials, emphasis was placed on texture and contrast to create a natural and neutral aesthetic.


The project explores the applied functionality of various glazes, including classic gloss, metallic lustre, crystal chipped and surfaced magma finishes.


With undulating profiles, the bases are fashioned with minimal intervention, using raw, locally sourced bush wood from naturally felled trees. Filled with soy wax, the ceramic vessels are refillable and reusable.


Rotation forming was employed to fashion a model clay positive, which was used to create the plaster mould from which the ceramic vessels were cast.

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